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1492:Italian explorer Christopher Columbus leaves Spain aboard the Santa Maria, with the Niña and Pinta close behind. Although seeking a western passage to the Far East, Columbus and his crew would arrive in the "New World" on Oct. 12, wading ashore in the Bahamas.

1852: The Harvard-Yale Regatta is contested for first time between the boating clubs of the nation's leading universities on Lake Winnipesaukee in Center Harbor, N.H. The Harvard crew aboard the Oneida beats Yale's Shawmut by at least two lengths in the 2-mile race. The Harvard-Yale Regatta is recognized as the oldest intercollegiate sporting event in the United States.

1958: James Sordelet makes history as the first sailor to reenlist in the U.S. Navy while submerged at the North Pole. Sordelet is aboard the USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine, on the first-ever voyage across the Arctic Ocean under the polar ice cap.

1996: "The Macarena" reaches #1 on the charts

1960: Republic of Niger declares independence

1900:The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company is founded.

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