Monday, August 27, 2012


By Suman Ramesh, president of the Rotary Club of Lagos-Palm Grove Estate, Lagos State, Nigeria
My club organizes six health camps a year. During these camps, patients line up beginning very early in the morning for free consultations. Young women bring their children, and receive iron supplements, vitamin tablets, anti-malaria medication, and sometimes de-worming medicines. We see them smiling as they return home after their health checks, carrying their supplements and medicines. (click below to read more)

Quite a number of elderly patients also attend the camps, gaining access to blood pressure checks, random blood sugar checks, and general health advice they would not otherwise be able to afford.
We have assisted more than 5,500 patients over the years. Each year, we work on increasing our reach within the community. Indian doctors, Nigerian doctors, pharmaceutical companies, leading hospitals, and volunteers from the community all join together at these Rotary health camps to increase the quality of care for young and old alike.
I am happy that through Rotary we are able to make a difference in so many lives and work toward a healthier community.

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