Friday, August 24, 2012


How to meditate 
Get comfortable. Set aside time—20 minutes is ideal, but 5 minutes will do. Turn off phones, etc., and set an alarm that will bring you out of meditation gently. Sit in a comfortable spot with your back straight, not stiff. Close your eyes or leave them slightly open with your gaze low.  (click below to read more)

Breathe. Focus attention on your breathing, whether in your chest, throat, or nostrils. Don’t get frustrated if your attention drifts, just refocus. Once you’re locked in, you can choose to shift your thoughts to a soothing image, like a beach. Consider chanting a mantra, such as “om” or “joy.” 

Go deeper. If intense feelings arise, “open yourself to that experience.” Seeing how these emotions manifest may help you overcome them. 

Carry on. Once the alarm sounds, strive to keep your new serenity. 

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