Thursday, August 16, 2012



 1962:The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein informs drummer Pete Best that he is out of the group, telling him that "the lads don't want you in the group anymore." The Beatles would release their first single, "Love Me Do," less than two months later, with Ringo Starr as the Fab Four's drummer during their rise to superstardom.

1858: Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom sends the first official message across the Atlantic Ocean via the newly laid underwater telegraph cable. The 99-word message takes nearly 18 hours to reach President James Buchanan in Washington, D.C.

1977: Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, is pronounced dead at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Although most people agree that the King died on this day at age 42, some loyal fans would claim to have spotted him across the country over the years.

1960:Cyprus gains its independence from the United Kingdom

1896:The Klondike Gold rush kicks off with the discovery of gold in the tributary of the river in the Northwest Territories in Canada.

1898:The roller coaster is patented by Edwin Prescott.

1812:War of 1812: Detroit is captured by Indian & British forces.

1954:Sports Illustrated, a magazine about everything sports - hits newsstands for the first time.

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