Monday, April 28, 2014


Even printers are going mobile, said John Brownlee in FastCompany​.com. The Israeli firm Zuta Labs has designed a portable, pocketsize robotic printer that “cleverly sheds the bulk of consumer printing” by eliminating the need for clunky desktop hardware. The device, called the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer, “is almost like a tiny Roomba that squirts ink.” It relies on “intelligent software and sophisticated motors” to roam across pieces of paper, “placing ink wherever a document tells it to.” The device can link with Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux apps, allowing users to print from any of those devices. While it “only prints 1.2 pages per minute,” a single ink cartridge is good for more than 1,000 pages, and users can print roughly 60 pages per charge. Customers can preorder the Mini Mobile starting at $180, and Zuta Labs hopes to start shipping the printers by early 2015.
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