Wednesday, June 22, 2011


He was the regal mascot for the crown jewels of crème filled treats, living high on a hill in his chocolate castle surrounded by the obligatory fudge-filled moat. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing His Royal Highness – King Ding Dong. Let’s take a look back at this beloved Hostess mascot from yesteryear. (click below to read more)

Adorned with a mustache, crown and scepter, he lived in his kingdom amidst piles of tasty snack cakes, which this benevolent monarch was happy to share with any children that should stumble upon his royal abode. As the king was fond of saying, “There’s a chocolate flavored world in every bite.” And that was certainly a statement that was hard to argue with.
Shaped similar to a hockey puck, Ding Dongs are a treat that you may only remember depending on where you grew up. That’s because, on the east coast, they are called Big Wheels – to avoid any confusion with another similar product called Ring Dings, made by Drake’s. When Drake’s and Hostess merged in the late 80s, all the cakes were called Ding Dongs. Then, for a brief period, they un-merged and Hostess gave them a new name – King Dons. Likewise, the mascot’s’ name was changed on the east coast to King Don. Until, of course, the companies merged again. Now, they are called Ding Dongs again (at least in the US.)
Apparently, all this name confusion was too much for His Highness to handle and the loveable mascot put in his retirement papers in 2004. One can only assume that he lives out his remaining days in seclusion, eating his way through the piles of Ding Dongs and perhaps playing poker with his buddies, Twinkie the Kid and Fruit Pie the Magician.
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