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April 19
1539Emperor Charles V reaches a truce with German Protestants at Frankfurt, Germany.
1689Residents of Boston oust their governor, Edmond Andros.
1764The English Parliament bans the American colonies from printing paper money.
1775The American Revolution begins as fighting breaks out at Lexington, Massachusetts.
1782The Netherlands recognizes the United States.
1794Tadeusz Kosciuszko forces the Russians out of Warsaw.
1802The Spanish reopen New Orleans port to American merchants.
1824English poet Lord Byron dies of malaria at age 36 while aiding Greek independence.
1861The Baltimore riots result in four Union soldiers and nine civilians killed.
1861President Lincoln orders a blockade of Confederate ports.
1880The Times war correspondent telephones a report of the Battle of Ahmed Khel, the first time news is sent from a field of battle in this manner.
1927In China, Hankow communists declare war on Chiang Kai-shek.
1934Shirley Temple appears in her first movie.
1938General Francisco Franco declares victory in the Spanish Civil War.
1939Connecticut finally approves the Bill of Rights.
1943The Warsaw Ghetto uprising against Nazi rule begins.
1960Baseball uniforms begin displaying player's names on their backs.
1971Russia launches its first Salyut space station.
1977Alex Haley receives a special Pulitzer Prize for his book Roots.
1982NASA names Sally Ride to be the first woman astronaut.
1989The battleship USS Iowa's number 2 turret explodes, killing sailors.
1993The FBI ends a 51-day siege by storming the Branch Dividian religious cult headquarters in Waco, Texas.
1995A truck bomb explodes in front of the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people.
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