Saturday, April 19, 2014


MotionX-GPS lets you download trail maps that will track your location even where there’s no cell service. Post-hike, it provides a handy summary of elevation changes and the distance traveled. ($2, iOS)
EveryTrail maintains a large user-generated database of trails, with photos and ratings included. Its distance and elevation readings can be “wildly inaccurate,” though. (Free, Android or iOS)
Project Noah “lets anyone and everyone be the eyes and ears of scientists tracking thousands of species.” Share data about your sightings, and you’ll be contributing to meaningful research. (Free, Android or iOS)
iBird Lite is a great tool if you have just a casual interest in identifying birds. Key in a few of a bird’s attributes, and it narrows down the possibilities to a browsable group. (Free, Android or iOS)
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