Friday, April 29, 2011


Summer is rapidly approaching. School will soon be out, and that means it's time for a vacation. Where should you go? International travel is fun but can be  too expensive for most. That's OK. America has plenty of things to see and do. You just need to know what's available. Discover America will help you find something you like. You can get information about specific destinations. It will help you find attractions and activities. You can also search by activity. It can help you find great hiking and camping spots. You can search locally or in another state. There are stunning photos of vacation hotspots. Plus, you can learn more about a city's culture and history. You'll also find help booking hotels and finding travel deals There are plenty of other travel sites. But Discover America is the official U.S. travel and tourism site. So you know the information is accurate and complete!LINK HERE
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