Saturday, October 02, 2010


People join Rotary clubs as proud representatives of their businesses or professions. Hence, all club members have an obligation to represent their vocations to fellow Rotarians and exemplify the spirit of Rotary in the workplace.
People who are successful in their vocations are often well organized, not only in their professions but also in their private lives. Therefore, they are also well organized in their giving. They understand that if The Rotary Foundation runs a special fundraising challenge to match the generous donations from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, giving to the Annual Programs Fund remains as important as ever, as this is the core part of The Rotary Foundation’s financial operations. Equally important are donations to the Permanent Fund and Rotary Centers Major Gifts Initiative. The giving to the challenge must be over and above the normal and regular annual giving, and fortunately many Rotarians understand this.
Donations, however, are not necessarily money only. Many, many Rotarians give of their free time and of their expertise, which so often is a result of success in their vocation. Numerous are the doctors and nurses who help sick children, numerous are the engineers who help drill wells, numerous are the teachers who help in schools – just to mention a few.
And the practice goes back to the various vocations where it all began in 1905 – a handful of gentlemen of different vocations who came together to help others. That was the beginning of what is now Building Communities – Bridging Continents through Service Above Self.
Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar
Foundation Trustee Chair
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