Monday, June 04, 2012


1989:Hundreds and possibly thousands of pro-democracy protestors are killed when People's Liberation Army tanks roll into Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, crushing the student-led protests that had begun two months earlier.

1783: Paper manufacturers and amateur scientist brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-√Čtienne Montgolfier give the first public demonstration of hot air balloon flight in Annonay, France. Their Montgolfiere balloon rises to an altitude of 6,562 feet during its 10 minute flight. Exactly a year later, √Člisabeth Thible would become the first woman to fly — ascending 8,500 feet in the hot air balloon La Gustave over Lyon, France. Sweden's King Gustav III would be in attendance and watch as Thible and the pilot sing an operatic duet in the air.

1986: Former Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard pleads guilty to passing top-secret U.S. national defense intelligence to Israel in exchange for cash and jewelry. He would be sentenced to life in prison.

1876:Transcontinental Express, arrives in San Francisco, 83 hr 39 min. after leaving NYC.
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