Saturday, June 30, 2012


As the 2011-12 Rotary year comes to a close, I feel happy and proud to have brought the Rotary message to 68 countries. It’s been an amazing 12-month journey.
India was declared polio free this year, which was a tremendous accomplishment that came from the hard work and efforts of so many. My wife, Binota, and I have seen first-hand the countless and wonderful ways in which Rotary makes a difference in the world.  We have witnessed the tireless, selfless efforts, and dedication of the many Rotarians who are willing to help others in improving their lives.
We have been so fortunate in having a wonderful Board of Directors in 2011-12. I believe they were the best Board of Directors ever at Rotary International!
Binota and I would like to convey our thanks to the family of Rotary, which includes the several event organizers, hosts, local aides, and other Rotarians too numerous to name individually. They have made us feel welcome on our trips with their kindness, generosity, and open arms. To the Rotary staff who has worked diligently behind the scenes to make this year a wonderful and memorable experience -- we thank you all!
Finally, whatever we have done in 2011-12, has only been possible because Binota always held my hand and we did it together.

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