Tuesday, March 31, 2009

(correct answers are below)
1)At the ripe old age of 81, Clara Peller once served as the commercial spokesperson for what fast food chain?

2)Which member of Britain's Royal Family has a daughter named Zara?

3)Who hit the Top 20 in 1980 when he recorded "Should've Never Let You Go" with his daughter, Dara?

4)Tara was the name of a plantation featured in what classic novel?

5)The song known as "Lara's Theme" was written for what motion picture?

correct answers:1-a,2-c,3-d,4-b,5d

Monday, March 30, 2009

Polio program

On HBO this week is "The Final Inch" (Wednesday,April 1, on the HBO2 channel, from 7 to 7:45 p.m.), a tender documentary about efforts to eradicate polio in the non-Western world. Decades after it disappeared in developed countries, the disease is still maiming and killing children in countries like India. Yet over the years, millions have joined efforts there to vaccinate every child. To keep up with newborns, teams search inside slum huts, at train stations, among indentured workers at brick factories. The result -- only 873 cases last year -- is a triumph but also a reminder that each new infection can start an epidemic . The strange beauty in all this is the zeal and high hopes with which the vaccination campaign and its workers march on.

Where's Larry??

If it's Monday, it must be on the front page of The Telegraph. Don't believe us? Click on the "Where's Larry" link above. For the second week in a row there is his smiling face. This time we find out that Larry is running for reelection to the Roxana school board. He is a great choice. The downside? There is no mention of Rotary in the article?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baseball Mania returns

Starting on June 8th and continuing for 17 weeks you can have six weekly opportunities to win anywhere from $20-$150 by participating in our Baseball Mania contest. All you really have to do is buy (at least) one ticket for $10. When you win you will be sent a check. It just doesn't get any simpler than that. All proceeds will benefit our high school scholarship program. To purchase a ticket contact Lori @ 618.259.7522.

Podcast available on ITunes

If you would like to download our weekly program podcasts for listening at your leisure, you can do so via ITunes. Just click on the "podcast available on ITunes" above or do a power search for East Alton Rotary at the ITunes site.

I can't see you

President Roger grew at least 18" this day and challenged OSHA. We are sooo glad he didn't fold.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life expectancy calculator

Want to know how old you really are? How long you will live? If you are honest with yourself , this link will help you answer both questions. Enjoy. Just click on the "life expectancy calculator" above.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm confused

During a 15 minute stretch of watching CNN news I saw "developing story","breaking news" and " happening now" to describe what I was watching. Can someone explain what is the proper sequence for these 3 descriptors used to describe what used to be called "news'?

Chow time

If you are hungry and feelin' like you need a big burger, check out the "chow time" link above. I guarantee you that this will NOT be available at Busch Stadium.

Board meeting on March 26th

The board was busy on March 26th. Among the items they approved was this blog. Time will tell if that was a wise decision.

Rose wins it all!

Rose won our 50-50 jackpot. Before "taxes" she took home $214. There is some suspicion that she did not keep the entire jackpot. We are trying to track this rumor down.

Here she is flashing her winning smile to previous big jackpot winner Roger.

Podcast of the March 26, 2009 program

This podcast contains the presentation of Mr. Sonny Hatten from Piasa Martial Arts.

Listen to this episode

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Foxes Grove Supportive Living Community

Ms. Laura Orban, Executive Director of the Foxes Grove Supportive Living Community in Wood River, Illinois, was our guest speaker on March 12th. You can find a link to the audio of her presentation elsewhere on this page. Laura can be reached at 618.259.0851 or lorban@fgslf.com

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roxana students

The Roxana High School scholarship students joined us for lunch at the March 12th meeting. It was great seeing Jennifer, Kendra, Guidance Counselor Marcia, Michael and Larry.

Mark covered president Roger's absence at the March 12th meeting. He did a right fine job. Just like riding a bike.